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Services Provided

Seniors Helping Seniors in-home care starts with a clear understanding of who our clients are and what we can do to make their lives a little easier and a lot brighter.

Whatever services are needed and whenever we’re needed, we do our best to match a warm, caring and dedicated carer to each client based on their unique situation.  Fully managed service provides peace of mind.

Our carers enjoy friendly conversation and companionship just as much as those they care for. Regular interactions with a kind, friendly carer can help lift a senior’s spirits and help with practicalities.

Around The House


Our carers enjoy friendly conversation and companionship just as much as those they care for. Regular interactions with a kind, friendly carer can help lift a senior’s spirits and help with practicalities.

Light Housekeeping

Our carers can assist with light housekeeping services that include cleaning kitchens, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, cleaning bathrooms, taking out the rubbish and recycling, laundry and organising clothes, drawers and wardrobes as well as general tidying around the home – jobs can be as big or as small as is required – our focus is anything to keep clients feeling in control and inspired by their surroundings.

Pet Care

Pets can be extremely important to a senior’s mental, emotional, and physical health. Nevertheless, caring for a pet can become more challenging with age. Our carers can help ensure that pets are getting the attention they need to stay healthy and happy; by feeding and grooming pets, and taking dogs on walks.

Light Handyman Services and Small Repairs

Our in-home senior care services can include the tackling of simple projects and minor repairs. If a particular service is beyond what our carer can handle, they may be able to give some insight on what’s involved and help find the service person to contact and oversee the work.

Garden Work

While fresh air and sunlight can do wonders for people, gardening can become taxing and a source of worry and upset. Our cares can assist with mowing, weeding, and other outdoor projects. Clients can participate to whatever degree they are interested and able.

Medication Reminders

Adhering to prescribed regimen is extremely important for our clients. While our companion carers do not administer medication, they can provide back up and reminders to our clients. Assisting with medical appointments and prompting medication can ensure our clients stay well. 

If the business registers with the CQC, qualified carers can administer medications.

Mailing Letters and Bills

Staying on top of correspondence becomes more challenging as we age. Our carers can help clients stay up to date with correspondence and family events. Helping with the buying and sending of cards, presents, letters, and dealing with bills as requested and instructed.


Safety and Fall Prevention

Falls can be very serious and often lead to spiralling decline in health and independence. Our carers take caring and common-sense approach, making corrections or recommending professionals when needed. Our focus on well-being, nutrition, hydration and exercise has been proven to reduce risks.

Out and About

Escort to Appointments and Events

Getting out to visit friends, to attend events and appointments is great for a senior’s mental, emotional, and physical health. When a senior is unable to make trips on their own, our carers can provide transportation to things like doctor appointments, hairdressers or barber appointments, social functions, family gatherings, community events and exercise classes. Our carers participate to offer confidence as needed.  Our local knowledge ensures our carers are able to make suggestions that will inspire our clients.

Running Errands

In addition to food and shopping, our carers can run errands including getting prescriptions and other necessities at the pharmacy, picking up dry cleaning, shopping for pet food, and much more. Clients are always welcome to ride along. Dealing with the things that play on the mind, provides essential support and peace of mind for busy families.

Outings and Trips

Getting out and about is hugely valuable. Our carers are not taxi drivers but they can provide and facilitate the right transportation and they accompany clients. We make outings of routine events and provide confidence.  Assistance during GP and medical appointments as well as rapid and friendly transfer for hospitalisation and outpatient procedures can be a key benefit. Clients report less anxiety around appointments. We also take trips out to the cinema, theatre, , concerts and exhibitions.  Company and outings always broadens horizons.

For Family Caregivers

Assistance with ADL’s and Personal care

Companionship care based around providing assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) includes help with eating and drinking, bathing and showering, toileting, dressing, and mobility. Companionship care is provided in the form of prompting, reminding, facilitating and encouragement.  Companionship care deals with loneliness and isolation and is described as ideal primary care.

Companionship carers do not need training certificates to prompt our clients to dress or bathe or toilet or mobilise. Companionship carers do not need training certificates to help our clients prepare food, to enjoy mealtimes and to look forward to activities.

Peer-to-peer support is provided by experienced and skilful people compassionately and reliably.  Our companionship carers have gained their experience professionally but they may not hold current qualifications or they have gained their experience caring for loved ones, and a passionate interest and proven abilities. Our companionship services are out of scope for the regulators and the business does not require a CQC registration. 

Our carers are enthusiastic for our clients and support people to live the way they want to live. Services are individualised.

We ensure the carer has experience in the challenges our clients face and know all of our carers well and we have security checked and insured our carers.

We guarantee quality care, peace of mind from fully managed care, compassion and some great fun. Award winning customer service is the gamechanger for people utilising Seniors Helping Seniors elderly care.

Customer reviews drive the companionship services. Seniors Helping Seniors has the highest number of customer reviews and an audited 9.9 rating based on value for money; staff; care and support; management; being treated with dignity and overall experience.

If the business follows the Seniors Helping Seniors blueprint and registers with the CQC, the business employs a registered manager and qualified carers to provide personal care services.

Seniors Helping Seniors qualified carers are employed on the company’s unique terms.

360 SHS offers complete senior home services. The division assesses client needs and approves a care plan for each client.  Trained carers provide the care.  Seniors Helping Seniors 360 care is regulated by the CQC.

Clients are free to move between divisions of the company to be supported by carers with the correct qualifications and skills.

The franchise owner can operate both or either division for the same low franchise fee.

Running costs and operations vary for the two divisions.

The franchisor provides step by step guides and support.

The personal care delivered by 360 SHS is self-funded care and operates the ground-breaking Seniors Helping Seniors service levels. Clients can remain in their own homes with support as their needs increase.

Dementia and Alzheimer's Care

Dementia Care can be very challenging and can result in burnout.   Our carers are experienced with all manner of behaviours. They enjoy helping to support people and  keeping family members and healthcare providers up to date.

Long-Distance Check-Ins

For family members who live a long distance from their loved one and are unable to visit them often, our carers can  provide updates and reassurance. Carers can provide phone calls to our clients as well as in-person visits.

Respite Care

Caring for a senior family member is very rewarding, but it can also be mentally and emotionally draining. Taking time away to “recharge” periodically is one of the best things family members can do for themselves, their relationship with other family members and the loved one living with challenges.  Our carers can provide intermittent or ongoing respite care, for an afternoon, evening, or for overnight stays.  Our same-person carer policy provides trust and reassurance and it saves time because the carer knows the home, the family and the routines.  Peace of mind that carers arrive on time means family members can book their activities and time away with confidence.

Overnight Stays and 24-Hour Care

Our in-home senior care services are available every day of the week, and every hour in the day, even overnight. That includes 24-hour care.

The Right Choice

After 20 years in elderly care, we know how to effectively start, grow and manage business operations. With a strong franchise community supporting you, you’re in business for yourself but not by yourself.

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