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About us

Most elderly care business models struggle with staffing issues. The Seniors Helping Seniors business model thrives because we match experienced carers with people who need help to be independent.  

Retirement brings opportunities to utilise skills in local, well paid, flexible and rewarding work.  Clients love to be cared for by people who have  similar outlooks and interests.

We are here to improve the way people age in the UK. We provide excellent and innovative elderly care and  we provide  job opportunities for older people.  Seniors Helping Seniors helps solve a range of age related challenges and impacts carers, clients and their families as well as local communities.

Our services ripple throughout the communities we serve. The families and loved ones of carers and clients have  peace of mind because our business model was designed with them in mind. Twenty years of outstanding results prove sustainable outcomes and opportunities.


Our Mission

Our non-medical care focusses on keeping well.   Preventing problems is very much right-place, right-time in the UK.

The cost benefits and efficiencies in our processes secure the in-home elderly care business model. 

Our clients benefit from a variety of services, not limited to: light housekeeping, cooking and shopping, DIY, gardening, medication reminders, escort to appointments, exercise and community events, experienced care for conditions such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and more.  All our services are delivered with sincere companionship because our focus is same-person care and carefully matching carer to client.

Fully managing all elements of service provides outstanding customer experiences and supports outstanding carers.

Our carers are staying active, staying social, and staying financially stable with an hourly wage which is above the Living Wage. Our franchise partners make money through doing good. 

The teachable business model exemplifies profit with purpose, empowerment, self-governance, thought leadership and the value of local expertise.


Franchise Testimonials

"Our key driver to own a Seniors Helping Seniors franchise was the opportunity to work for ourselves whilst offering a much needed “everyone wins” service to the families in our community."

"The Seniors Helping Seniors franchise came to us as a real breath of fresh air. Initial training was 5*. Follow up and support has been there when we’ve needed it. We’ve enjoyed the start-up and we are realising our ambitions to do good and secure our futures with this franchise"

Keith & Barbara Reddy
Own and manage Seniors Helping Seniors, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Westmalling

An experienced franchisee, Andy knew he’d found the right outlet when his wife Eva showed him the Seniors Helping Seniors franchise opportunity in October 2017

Andy says, “Seniors Helping Seniors had the right mix of social enterprise for us. It deals with two critical community issues, elderly care and employment and it uses our expertise and our passions.”  They asked to fast track their training to be ready to fulfil the post-Christmas enquiries.

Andy Boothman
Owns and manages Seniors Helping Seniors, Guildford, Woking and Godalming

The Right Choice

After 20 years in elderly care, we know how to effectively start, grow and manage business operations. With a strong franchise community supporting you, you’re in business for yourself but not by yourself.

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