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Franchised elderly care Oxfordshire

Seniors Helping Seniors Home Care Franchise Company Oxfordshire availability

Searching for your ideal home care franchise company Oxfordshire?

The Seniors Helping Seniors potential franchisee can cherry pick their franchise area in Oxfordshire because we don’t yet have a franchise partner in Oxfordshire!

You’ll find support for making decisions about franchised elderly care in Oxfordshire here below.

Good to know:

You will benefit from the existing Seniors Helping Seniors network and your closest office is just one hour away from you.

Business support from franchisors is on an as-needed basis online and in person. The franchisors are based 150 miles away in Canterbury, Kent

As a home-based franchise, it is deal for you to live in the area you want to serve. As we don’t yet have a franchise in Oxfordshire, your first choice will be available to you.

You’ll choose your territory, and you’ll benefit from servicing the clients coming to you from all over the area in the beginning.

Great news: The Seniors Helping Seniors brand stands for great care, trust, great customer service and great jobs. Demand in Oxfordshire is high.

All the evidence you need to base your decision on is available for Oxfordshire

  •  The population of Oxfordshire is 687, 524
  • The biggest towns are Oxford, Banbury, Abingdon and Bicester
  • 40% of the county is classed as small towns and villages
  • 42% of people aged 65 years and older live in rural areas
  • 68% of income deprivation in people ages 65 years and older live in urban areas. People living rurally are affluent.
  • The oldest age group (85+) is ageing fastest.

Home care franchise company in Oxfordshire: The prospects

The older population of Oxfordshire has been increasing above average ageing rate for the South-East and England rate.

The ageing trend is predicted to continue

By 2031, there will be 174,400 people aged 65+ living in Oxfordshire which is a rise of 44% in five years, and an actual increase of 53,500 people.

The oldest age group (85+) is predicted to grow by 55% by 2031

At 65 years of age, males have an average 19.7 year’s life expectancy, and females have 21.9 years.

Males over the age of 65 are expected to spend 8.5 years living in poor health and females over the age of 65, 8.2 years

60% of all care being used in Oxfordshire is self-funded.

A higher-than-average proportion of unemployment claimants in Oxfordshire were older people aged 50+ so the demand for Seniors Helping Seniors work will is likely to be high.

West Oxfordshire has the highest proportion of the population living in rural areas (57%) and the highest proportion of older rural residents (67%) West Oxfordshire has an ideal population matrix for Seniors Helping Seniors.

Each district in Oxfordshire is predicted a growth in the number of people aged 85 and over.

Most people 85 years an older live rurally in South Oxford, Vale of White Horse and Cherwill districts.

The Vale of White Horse in ageing fastest, followed by South Oxfordshire, West Oxfordshire and Cherwell.

People living with dementia in Oxfordshire is predicted to reach 12,000 people by 2031.

Unpaid carers

A third of Oxfordshire’s unpaid carers provide twenty or more hours per week of unpaid care and the carers are themselves aged 65 years and older.

34% of people looking after loved ones in Oxfordshire had to see their own GP in the past 12 months because of their caring role.

13% of people aged 65+ in Oxfordshire providing significant amounts of care, were in bad health.

The proportion of older people providing care and in bad health was highest in Cherwell district.


Predications say there could be 80,200 people aged 65+ living with a life limiting long term health condition or disability in Oxfordshire by 2031, a 68% increase in ten years (32,600)

  • The Public Health England profile of Older People’s Health and Wellbeing for Oxfordshire shows that, overall, Oxfordshire is statistically more “well” than the national average.
  • The main causes of death in people aged 65 and over are Cancer, Cardiovascular disease and respiratory disease. Oxfordshire has a significantly better rate than England and South-East Region for all three.

The number of complex patients aged over 65 to 70 years is above average to those in 10 other areas.

There are no other homecare providers in Oxfordshire with S.A.F.E care award relating to COVID-19 safety precautions. Seniors Helping Seniors processes are S.A.F.E care approved.

The staff turnover in Care companies in Oxfordshire is well above the national average, so we would expect a high level of excitement when Seniors Helping Seniors comes to Oxfordshire.


The Right Choice

After 25 years in elderly care, we know how to effectively start, grow and manage business operations. With a strong franchise community supporting you, you’re in business for yourself but not by yourself.

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