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Marketing Resources

The question you need to ask yourself is ‘How far do you want to see The Power of Love® reach?’

We will teach you

•    Brand Strategy

•    Content Marketing

•    E-mail Marketing

•    Social Media Strategy

•    Google Strategy

•    Media Relations

•    Public Relations

•    Advertising

•    Community Relations

We will share our knowledge with you.  Our stories are your stories and you enter your local market as a trusted brand.


Seniors Helping Seniors in-home care services rely on building relationships.

The power of marketing lies in the ability to build a bond between the brand and your audience. Communicating your authentic voice to those who need Seniors Helping Seniors. 

We are looking for great communicators and we’re offering you a turnkey solution to not only our brand’s marketing efforts, but also sales, development, and growth of your territories.

With the increased demand for dedicated and dignified in-home care, our services are right place, right time. Our services are pioneering and our approach to elderly care is at the forefront of improvements in the UK.

Our story is easily told and very difficult to copy because it requires a true culture shift to doing good first and foremost.

Media love the news we put out. People love our ethos. Clients love the experience and carers love the work.  The service is sustainable in terms of supply and demand, and a joy to operate.

We have an award-winning service and a powerful established brand with trademarked tag lines, a proven marketing strategy and we truly care about our partners.

The Right Choice

After 25 years in elderly care, we know how to effectively start, grow and manage business operations. With a strong franchise community supporting you, you’re in business for yourself but not by yourself.

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