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Market Demand

 Demand for quality in-home care is booming.

Seniors Helping Seniors stands out for hiring carers who understand the ageing process through personal experience.  Our carers are dependable, mature, loving, caring, experienced and empathetic.

“We’ve put a lot of work into ensuring that Seniors Helping Seniors in-home care is not only the best option for our clients but also for carers” President Namrata Yocom-Jan said. “There is so much that goes into high-quality senior care, including both medical and non-medical services, but central to all of that is a genuine and caring relationship between the carer and client. We will continue to make sure anyone with the passion and skills to be a great carer will find an opportunity to grow and impact with Seniors Helping Seniors services. Our carers truly have…a way to give and to receive.” 

Carer loyalty creates operational bliss!

Your Seniors Helping Seniors franchise is positioned for rapid growth.

Consider these facts about the Market:

  • , One in six people alive today will live to be 100 years of age
  • One in six people aged 80+ have an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis; one in three people have an Alzheimer’s diagnosis aged 90+
  • One million people turn 65 every year in the UK
  • 85 years + is the fastest growing population
  • 75 years plus population will grow by 43% in the Southeast by 2027 (5% higher than the UK average)
  • Life expectancy after 65 years of age years is 18.6 years for men and 20.9 years for women
  • Just under 1.2 million people, 10.2 % of over 66s, have chosen to remain in employment
  • 90% of the elderly want to “age-in-place”
  • Half of the 85+ population needs help with activities of daily living, 60% of which is not personal care/nursing
  • An ageing society brings two key challenges:  People need to work much longer, and more people need care and support
  • Families are distanced from ageing relatives and their own jobs are threatened by absenteeism to care for relatives
  • Loved ones of ageing adults need more support than ever and active seniors are advised to look for opportunities to stay engaged and supplement their income
  • The UK is experiencing a chronically underfunded social care system. Council-funded care in the home is hit and miss, with constant reports of as little as 15-minute care visits, high staff-turnover and lack of care staff.  NHS failings are exasperated by repeat admissions which are attributed to loneliness and isolation and lack of early intervention
  • Seniors Helping Seniors are members of the British Franchise Association
  • The British Franchise Association (BFA) produced a report with NatWest in January 2019 which found 90% of franchisees report profitability and less than 4% of franchise businesses fail for commercial reasons each year. These statistics compare favourably to figures estimating that between half and two-thirds of all independent start-ups close within their first three years. The advantages inherent within a franchise business – including economies of scale and the support of a large brand combined with local marketing and business owners with local expertise – make franchises particularly robust and, statistically, much more likely to succeed
  • The BFA NatWest Franchise Survey reported care franchises as booming in the UK because quality care services are needed more than ever.  Older people living longer and staying in their own homes put self-funded in-home care services in high demand
  • The Seniors Helping Seniors care model is unique in its focus on hiring carers who are readily available, and for its customer care protocols.  
  • As a management franchise, operated at home, delivering non-personal care which is out of scope with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) makes the business uniquely sustainable.  In addition, the company was accepted by the CQC in January 2022 to provide personal care services, so franchise partners can add personal care services to their operations by registering with the CQC when the time is right for them. The company is not charging additional license fees for regulated services.
  • Seniors Helping Seniors attracts carers, retains carers and saves management time and costs. There is no lack of clients and clients love the terms and conditions Seniors Helping Seniors offer
  • Everything is teachable and the franchisor is committed to the franchisees’  journey and success
  • Seniors Helping Seniors UK is 10 years old. Seniors Helping Seniors is 25 years old globally
  • Seniors Helping Seniors is independently owned. No external investors ensure the brand remains loving, caring, giving and compassionate providers of care

The Right Choice

After 25 years in elderly care, we know how to effectively start, grow and manage business operations. With a strong franchise community supporting you, you’re in business for yourself but not by yourself.

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