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“We were lucky to welcome someone with Mike Dooley’s experience to the Seniors Helping Seniors franchisee team” Christian Wilse says. Opening Seniors Helping Seniors Brighton and Hove where he lives with family, Mike brings six and a half years’ experience running a hugely successful elderly care company. A seasoned franchisee in Care and Insurance, Mike started his first care company from scratch and was franchise of the year in 2014 before selling the franchise.

During time away from the care business, Mike was acutely aware of the special support people have needed during and since the pandemic. Having worked with other care brands, Mike knows elderly care needs to be done differently.

“Seniors Helping Seniors offer the care people need at a fair price. I love everything about the carer policies of the brand.  Seniors Helping Seniors pays carers properly and supports them fully. 

Carers work when it suits them and we are allowed to give the time needed to each client and treat each person as an individual, matching staff with the relevant life experience, interests and personality. This is very special, and it is a breath of fresh air compared to traditional in home care companies.”

He and Christian Wilse signed Mike’s franchise agreement at the height of lockdown.  The agreement and training process has been adapted for social distancing and the deal was sealed with an elbow-bump instead of the Seniors Helping Seniors customary handshake.