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Our successful franchise brand frequently makes front page news, Home Care Insight  followed up the Big Interview with Christian about how we innovate home care which was published November 2020, with news of our award win on June 17th 2021

Seniors Helping Seniors, a provider of non-medical care at home, has picked up a prestigious award for its commitment to the real Living Wage.
The provider won the ‘Against All Odds’ accolade at last night’s Living Wage Champion Awards for paying staff above the Living Wage  in the face of a generally low-paying sector.
The social care organisation uses a unique model to tackle two of the biggest social problems in an ageing society – elderly care and employment opportunities for people as they age.
Christian Wilse (pictured), owner of Seniors Helping Seniors, said: “The average age of a care worker for Seniors Helping Seniors is 59.7 years. We pay well and we carefully support our carers in the flexible work they love to do.
“60% of our clients live with dementia, but no two clients are the same, so we need all sorts of carers. Paying people well and supporting them to do amazing work is not only the only conscionable thing to do, we believe it is the reason for our company’s success.”

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