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10 years is a significant anniversary for any business!

The demand for Care at home has rocketed.

The changes we’ve made to Care in the UK since 2013 was celebrated by the American owners of Seniors Helping Seniors who joined the UK’s partner convention in Canterbury.

Namrata Yacom-Jan and Daniel Jan (President and COO) delighted the UK team.

There were three focus areas.
·      Adding CQC regulated personal care services
·      The People Strategy. Developing a strong people strategy is key to navigating change and keeps our partners in control of the talent their businesses need
·      The company’s Wellness Strategy. Designed to keep amazing carers well and on top.

When we grant franchises to the right people, there is no need for harsh targets. Our approach is to provide proven strategies and for our partners to see the results for themselves.

Every business owner went home happy, fulfilled and with plenty of new ideas.